• Selection of most appropriately skilled members of the staff to make up the project team.
    • High level of experience to produce a quality product.
    • Time/Cost/Coordination and Delivery are paramount to our work strategy.
    • Director in Charge of every project.
    • Extensive experience in working with clients in meeting their expectations.

    • Documentation system for statutory approvals, tender and construction.
    • State of the art computer software and document back-up and retrieval systems in place.
    • New computer hardware systems implemented.

    The management structure to be adopted by 2RKS for all projects includes for the involvement of the Director and an Associate (as the team leader), who will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the design and documentation of the project, as well as the communication and management of the interaction with the client, Project Manager, Statutory Authorities, Services Consultants as well as Contractors and Suppliers. Depending on the project and the program the team leader will be supported by a combination of Architect and/or CAD technician.

    3D modeling, photomontage and animations have become an increasingly important tool in the architects’ arsenal to work with. 2RKS uses these technologies and the talents of those individuals who wield it to communicate our ideas to our clients and give them the ability to visualize and have input on the project. Although this technology enhances the design process, it cannot replicate the creative process or the minds that produce it. The drive for behind our design philosophy is threefold: Logistics, context and theory.

    Requirements that are derived from the client’s needs. These would include programming, area, costs, spaces, adjacencies and efficiencies.

    Sun, wind, views, climate and shade are some environmental forces which influence a site. Understanding these forces influence the form that is to be designed. Its mass, density, transparency, material and environmental constraints are affected directly by these requirements. It is dutiful to give back to the earth for which has been taken.

    This underlying concept or metaphor behind the project becomes the spirit.
This is derived from an applied meaning or client identity to the project identity to the project, not a literal interpretation. These three elements take the project from the broad to the specific, the malleable to the tempered and the spirited to the spiritual. Because you will select your architect based on many considerations, you should place your confidence in a firm that considers your values as important as their own.

    • Club + Pubs
    • Low Rise offices buildings
    • Low Rise Residential Buildings
    • Health Care Buildings
    • Aged Care Facilities and Nursing Homes
    • Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
    • Laboratories
    • Research and Development Centres
    • Educational Buildings
    • Hotels and Motels
    • Sport Centres
    • Shopping Centres
    • Fit-out and Tenancy Work
    • Heritage Buildings

"On a continuing basis, Richard Salman has acted as the "Landlord Architect" for the retail stores in our Fifth Avenue buildings and our Toronto properties. Mr. Salman has a very good sense of aesthetics as well as the function and flow of retail."

—Michael Bouffard, Dir. of Real Estate
Kingsville Investments